Feminist Action Board (FAB)

FAB Feminists

What is the Feminist Action Board (FAB)?

FAB members are self-identified girls and nonbinary youth from around the state in 9th-12th grades. They work with the Hardy Girls staff and Board of Directors to plan events, make sure programs cover what girls and gender expansive youth need and want, and work on creating a more positive world for girls and gender expansive youth to grow in. The FAB Program provides opportunities for leadership experience, engagement in social action projects, and ongoing education to keep the organization current on challenges facing girls and gender expansive youth today. There is no cost to participate in FAB!

Meet the 2023-2023 members of FAB!


We are a group of Maine high school girls and nonbinary youth, passionate about gender equity and social justice. We are inclusive of all races, classes, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientation, and abilities. We create community conversations, listen to girls and give them (and ourselves) opportunities to find their voice, support each other, create change, and embrace uniqueness.


We meet on the first Sunday of each month. We gather in a hybrid model, alternating between in-person and virtual meetings. In-person meetings happen in Augusta and Portland, and we organize carpools for every meeting. Outside of the meetings, FABbers spend about 5 hours a month on all things Hardy Girls, with the time commitment increasing around conferences in March and April.


STAY TUNED! We expect to share more information about the 2024-25 academic year of FAB by mid-July 2024.