FAB has been looking forward to seeing you all year! They’ve got a full day of workshops and activities planned just for you!
Registration includes lunch.*

*we are unable to accommodate food allergies and encourage those with concerns to bring a lunch with them.

PORTLAND | MARCH 25th from 9 to 1

The Davies Arts Center at Waynflete
16 Storer Street, #2
Portland, ME 04102

WATERVILLE | MARCH 27th from 9 to 1

Diamond Building at Colby College
4000 Mayflower Hill Drive
Waterville, ME 04901



Creating Queer Spaces

with Anica & Lily

Learn how to find safe spaces and build community around lgbtq+ identities. We’ll discuss identity, community, and what it means to be queer, while making crafts to express ourselves.

Social Media vs. Us

with Amorette & Gwyn

Learn how social media can impact us in positive and negative ways and how we can use social media to help ourselves and others. This workshop includes activities and group discussions.

I Like to Move It, Move It!

with Ava & Fallon

Do you want to develop a fun and healthy relationship with food and exercise? Learn how nutritious foods and fun exercise can improve your mental & physical health!

Indigenous History of Maine

with Lulu & Catherine

A modern approach to learning about the fight of Indigenous peoples in Maine. We’ll discuss the history of injustices and hold space for joy through the use of arts and crafts.

Get ArtZ

with Mia & Ella

This creative workshop will inspire & encourage you to express yourself through art. Learn about impactful women in art and make your own art piece.

Change the Word

with Addie & Isabelle

Learn how the use of positive language can benefit mental health and make a big impact in your life and the lives of others!

Know Your Body

with Rylee & Layla

*for those in 4th to 6th grade*
This workshop will cover the basics of taking care of our bodies as they grow. We’ll do activities and talk about what to expect from changes with a focus on periods.

Period Proud

with Rylee & Layla

*for those in 7th & 8TH grade*
This workshop will focus on menstrual health in terms of de-stigmatization and care methods! We’ll talk about menstruation, debunk myths about periods, and create menstruation kits!

Nourish to Flourish

with Shae & Brooke

This workshop will cover how to think about and develop a healthy mindset around food and our bodies!

Uniquely You: Breaking Gender Stereotypes

with Reilly & India

Join us to tackle gender stereotypes and learn what it means to take up space. We’ll use crafts & music to help us get real about body image.

Healthy Boundaries, Healthy You

with Mena & Penny

Nurture yourself by creating healthy boundaries that allow you to be kind to others, and most importantly to yourself. We’ll do activities to practice healthy boundaries that help everyone.

Loving Yourself and Others Healthily

with Chloe & Sophia

*for those in 7th & 8th grade*
Through powerful conversation and creative activities, we’ll discuss what it means to love ourselves and how we can have healthy and respectful relationships with others.

Corporate sponsorship makes these empowering and supportive events accessible to upwards of 400 girls and nonbinary youth across Maine! Email Shannon, our Operations Director, to find out more!

Since these are youth-led events, we rely on adult allies like yourself to support our Feminist Action Board (FAB) members and make sure things run smoothly! Volunteers will help set up the events, assist with registration, support FAB members in their workshops, distribute lunches, and more! 

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PO Box 821
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Hardy Girls  takes girls and nonbinary youth seriously and puts the power in their hands to challenge a society that ignores their brilliance.
We dare adult allies to join us.

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